Saturday, 30 March 2013

Taipei, Taiwan

Unfortunately, we (i.e. Keith) procrastinated a little too long on this post and I am eager to post about our Bali trip while it is still fresh in my mind. We still need to write about our three week whirlwind adventure back to the states, including a quick rendezvous with my brother and sister-in-law to Singapore during their honeymoon. Oh, how life loves to get in the way. In any case, I will do my best to recap our Chinese New Year holiday spent in Taipei. I have to say that we LOVED Taipei and as you read I think you'll see why... 

This was our "first" trip out of Malaysia since completing our time in tax jail except, of course, flying back home in December. We were so lucky that our friends invited us along. It made for a less stressful and more enjoyable time. We had a few hiccups at the airport with visas and booking errors, but alas we were finally on our way...



Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby with her mama

... to Taipei! 

One positive and negative aspect of the trip was that we went over Chinese New Year (CNY), thinking this would be a great time to "see the sights" and some real cultural CNY celebrations. Unfortunately, two-thirds of the city was shut down. However, we did find little hints of celebrating along the way. 

We didn't waste any time trying to find some food...attempt number one...


attempt number two...


desperately searching for ANYTHING that may be open on CNY eve.

We had no luck, but made the best of it. We trekked back to a great Thai restaurant right next to our hotel.

Gorgeous friends...

Dora and Diego...

This is the female because it is squashing a baby lion... the male is stepping on a ball. 

Beautiful, clean, organized transit! 

It was very affordable as well. 


Always let the foodies decide...

... then you feast like a king. 

The next day we went exploring. 

First, we headed to a park where you could see Taipei 101.

I forgot who this is... Billy help me out?!

Of course the artist in me got lost looking at all of these beautiful hand painted lanterns; each one unique and each one telling a story. 

If you look closely you can spot the rest of our group. 

Taipei 101 was once the tallest building in the world until 2004. It is now the second tallest and largest green building in the world.


On our way to the top of Taipei 101!

What a great find along the way! 



Here we go...




One reason we loved Taipei... the streets where carefully planned out to include artistic statues and gardens that are pedestrian friendly. 

Not so sure if we love that it is the "land of little dogs," but we are very happy that they care for their pets. 

We loved the fresh baked breads.

We also loved the temples that were mixed right in with the rest of the cityscape. 


I loved the precious Taiwanese children! They are all so plump and adorable!

Longshan Temple

A man after my own heart


After a quick squeeze through all the people to take a look, we resumed our trek through the city to soak up the sights.

We stumbled onto hidden gems everywhere...


So pretty.


Day 2...

Jaxson, don't believe your daddy when he says it's not scary!

Rare white rhino...

Chang Kai Shek Memorial 

Even still, this is one of the most beautiful memorials I've ever seen. The buildings with their intricacies and vivid colors against the clear blue sky were simply beautiful. 



More exploring and more hidden gems...

Here the kids invited us to plug in our iPhone so we could play our music through the robot. Jaxson put on a show and within minutes had about fifteen people standing around to watch his moves.

Not many people spoke English, but everyone was very friendly, overly kind and inclusive. Again, another reason to love Taipei. 

Night Market... Anthony Bourdain (or at least an attempt) Style 







Earlier that day we tried to visit the Art Museum, which was... you guessed it... closed.

Instead, we found this great little coffee place and I had my very first bubble tea. I love it!

Keith still isn't sold. 

Reason 451 why we love Taipei... look at all of those bicycles. Not only was the city completely pedestrian and runner friendly, but it was biker friendly as well and I don't mean Harley's. Everyone rode a bike and there were bicycle rental stations set up around the city. The cool weather would have been perfect for a bike ride, except that we have a two year old.

More hidden gems...


We loved all of the trees lining every street in all parts of the city.



National Palace Museum

Day 3 meant a quick trip to the National Palace Museum and then off to the airport to head back to KL.






More bubble tea and good times with good friends. It doesn't get much better. 


Sweet baby Annabelle.


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  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing your pictures! I can't believe how big Jaxon is getting. :)