Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bali, Indonesia ~ Part 1


Originally, our spring break travels were going to take us to Borneo where we planned a luxurious stay on an island off of KK and some quality time with the orangoutangs. However, there was a bit of civil unrest happening and an embassy warning we decided to heed. And that is how we ended up in Bali! It was a thrown together last minute effort to still do something exotic for our break. I have to say that all things happen for a reason because this was our favorite trip to date... compliments of "Kristy Tours." This became an inside joke from our friends that actually just joined us when their plans to Borneo also fell threw.  

Of course flying AirAsia brought with it the infamous "delayed" flight. Therefore, we stumbled into our room near Nusa Dua well after 1 am to find the aircon broken! We were too tired to deal with it then and actually didn't sleep too terribly.



The next morning we hit the beach right outside the hotel. I wasn't impressed with the vendors that would sit right in front of you trying to sell watches, scarves, and what ever else they had that day. During Jaxson's nap the hotel decided that they would come fix the aircon... which never happened so we were "upgraded."


It was the same exact room, but it had some fabric attached to the ceiling, draped on either side of the bed. That was the only "upgrade.

That night we enjoyed the dinner show and the food! 

The following day we hired a driver and spent the day on a tour on the southern tip of the peninsula. I am so sad we didn't write this right after it happened because I know I will not remember all of the names, but I will try!

It was a long day, but it was certainly one of my favorite days. How often do you get to beach hop, visit a ancient temple and finish the day watching the sunset at a pizza place in Bali?!

A. Padang Padang Beach 


Can you spot me and Jaxson?


 B. Blue Point ~ Lunch and Surfer Watching


Views from the top...

Same trek contestants on the Amazing Race had to make a couple of seasons ago! 

At the bottom...



C. Uluwatu Temple ~ Kecak Dance 


 D. Finn's Beach Club ~ Best Pizza, Service and view of the Sunset

Now I'm looking at the pictures and realizing that maybe this wasn't the same night... but oh well, you get the idea. 


E. Back to our hotel where we had a good night sleep! 

Day 3? I think this is the day Keith and I ventured for a couple's spa retreat while Jaxson played at the hotel in the daycare facility. 


After that we headed North to Ubud! 
Check out the...Click there ---> Ubud post to find out about the rest of our Bali Trip. 


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