Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Celebrating Culture~ Hari Raya

So, we started the week with Merdeka Day and ended the week with a Hari Raya Celebration! 

The best part is we got to dress up in traditional Malay clothes. 

Ms Jag and I match and we didn't even plan it!

We spent the morning rotating through some very engaging activities that helped us understand more about how Hari Raya is celebrated. 

 Later in the day we attended an assembly and had the privilege of watching authentic Malaysian dances that represented different cultures around the country.

Lastly, we ended the day with a "cooking" class.

We learned to make Ondeh-Ondeh. It was a neat process. However, after we tasted it and I surveyed the class (to practice our tallies) only ONE student actually liked it. Six were on the fence and asked me if we could add a "kind of" column, which I thought was hilarious and the other 9 students said that they did not like it. 

The outside tastes like a rice paste which is rolled in coconut. The inside is a hard dark sugar. I thought they said coconut sugar, but maybe it's cane sugar. In either case...

Had I taken the survey I probably would have checked "no." I just didn't want to be rude.   

All in all, it was such a fun day. I learned a lot; the kids learned a lot and I couldn't help but think of Jaxson attending when I saw the little three year olds dressed up in their Malay clothing! 


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