Sunday, 9 September 2012

Menara KL Tower

The Menara Tower in KL is definitely worth seeing.

Vicki, Jaxson and I set out in the morning to see this tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur.  I set the destination in the GPS and we drove straight there.  It is actually across the street from the hotel we stayed in when we first arrived in KL.  We were told that we could go up in the tower for free if we just ordered a coffee at the top.  That sounded like a great plan, but when we arrived there we found out that we actually had to spend about RM 30 per person to go up.  That always seems to happen around here.  I need to take a Malaysian resident around with me to make sure I'm not getting ripped off next time.

As usual, Jaxson was very excited to go see something new.  The picture on the right shows how you must wait behind the red line before you enter the elevators.

This is a feature in the foyer next to the elevators.  The lady said something about it, but all I got out of her speech was that it was very expensive.

The tower does not count floors because there aren't any.  Instead, it counts meters from the foyer.   The tower is 250m tall.

Jaxson was blown away by the view

The picture on the left is a great view of the Petronas Towers and the picture on the right is where I was trying to show Jaxson how to use the binoculars.  You could see all the way down into storefronts windows.

The views from the top are amazing

Jaxson would NOT sit still for a picture

There was a cultural celebration going on downstairs.  This is a video of an authentic Malaysian band.  Well, not completely authentic; there was an electric bass guitar in the mix.

When you walk outside the tower, there is a cultural exhibit below.  You walk out next to a fountain, which Jaxson enjoyed.  Next, you walk across a mock up of a rope bridge.  It's not an actually rope bridge, but Jaxson liked it nonetheless.  

After the rope bridge, you can walk downstairs to replicas of Malaysian homes.  It was almost like a museum exhibit of historic Malaysian homes.

Jaxson went up these cool notched out steps, then he ran into the house.  So, Vicki had to go in after him.

The tower was a little expensive as far as Malaysian prices go, but it was still cheaper than most American attractions I've visited.  We had a great time and I would recommend visitors to KL to see it when they come.

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