Monday, 10 September 2012

Week 11

This was the last week Vicki was in town and we had a lot of sight seeing to do.  Fortunately, we got our new car on Friday of this week!  Here are a few pictures of it.

We got a 2012 Black Myvi.  It's a Malaysian car.  We really like it and the best part is that it is under a 3 year warranty, so if anything major breaks, we can take it in and get it fixed.

We used our new car to go visit Kristy at school.  It was a Fun Friday so Vicki was invited into the classroom to read to the kids.

The kids really enjoyed it.  I made sure Jaxson didn't destroy the room while Vicki read.

Saturday was spent at the Elephant Sanctuary.  You can click on the link to view that blog entry.  It was such a fun day out there at the sanctuary.  We ended the day with a trip to the Wangsa Walk mall.  We had some TGI Fridays for dinner.  Kristy and Vicki took a break in the massage chairs in the mall and we all had some dessert at Secret Recipe to end the day.

We had tiramisu, chocolate mousse and a white chocolate macadamia nut cake.

Sunday was a lazy day until dinner time.  We headed over to the Pavilion Mall to take Vicki to one of our favorite places, Din Tai Fung.   We parked at the KLCC (Petronas Towers) mall and took the elevated pedestrian bridge over to the Pavilion mall.  I had no idea this existed.  It's probably about a 3/4 mile walk, but it's better than sitting in traffic.  


At the end of the walk, we started seeing signs for Din Tai Fung

Here it is!

They are famous for their dumplings

These were pastry desserts.  We had no idea they were desserts when we ordered them.  The lady looked at Vicki funny when she wanted to hang on to her spicy soy sauce for these.

Jaxson giving a high five for giving us such a great meal

Monday morning came and Vicki and I had a mission to get to the Petronas Towers skybridge.  As we were driving up to the towers, Vicki mentioned that there was no one in the skybridge.  I thought that was a good thing because it wouldn't be crowded.  I was wrong.  When we tried to go inside, they told us that the skybridge was closed on Mondays.  We decided to try and find Jaxson some shoes and let him go play outside in the water park (which we later learned was also closed).  We looked and looked, but everything was either too big, too little or too expensive.  

He had fun always

We tried to measure his foot, but he really didn't want his foot measured

After NOT finding shoes, we decided to have a sushi and fruit picnic in the park

Then it was time to let Jaxson play.  The only problem was that he had already been up too long and was not having fun at this point.  It was time to go home.  It was a good thing too, because Vicki got the whistle blown at her for playing with Jaxson on the teeter-totter.  Teeter-totter Nazi.

This was right before Vicki got kicked off of the teeter-totter

Tuesday, we decided that we must go to the top of something tall because we were turned away on Monday.  We went to the Menara KL Tower.  It was a lot of fun.  You can get the full story HERE.  After we left the KL Tower, we were hungry so we headed over to one of our favorite spots, Little Thai.  This is the stall food place that we tried to go to in the Week 10 post.  Last time, it was the only stall not open, but this time we were in luck.  We were the first people there too.

That is the face of excitement

We ordered Green Curry with White Rice; Bitter Gourd with Pickled Garlic; and Fried Rice.  This is some of the best Thai food I have ever had.

That was Week 11.  Week 12 is going to be a good one.  There is an out of town trip on that one too.  You'll have to come back in a few days to see that post.

~Until next time~

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