Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Week 10

Week 10 was packed with fun stuff.  I guess that's what happens when someone comes to visit you.  You can see the whole post after the break, but some of the highlights are seeing monkeys, visiting an inside roller coaster, feet biting fish and the Central Market.

Although we had a great week and a lot of fun, this was what Wednesday was like:

During some down time, I took this panorama shot of our living room:
I'll try to get a better one soon, but this should give you an idea of what it's like in our living room.

Thursday was a bit more exciting...okay, it was a LOT more exciting.  It doesn't take much to top a day like we had Wednesday.  After Kristy left for work, Jaxson and I watched "Curious George" and ate breakfast.  Then, it was time to go play at the pool.

Jaxson was eye-balling all of the toys; especially the ones that take forever to put back up.

"Hmmm...These will be fun (for daddy) to clean up!"

                                   Almost got it......                             .......There!

Oh wait, there's more...

Now, we have complete destruction.  Time to play with something else...

Can you guess what Jaxson was looking for?

Jaxson was stacking the blocks so high on one side that I had to add counter weight to the other side.  His first lesson in civil engineering and building structures.

Once we were finished playing in the play room, it was time to go outside and swim.  Swimming has become Jaxson's favorite past-time.  He loves it.  Kristy has been teaching him how to kick-kick-kick and move his arms in the water and we've both been dunking him under to get him used to holding his breath under water.  He is doing a great job.

Before we started our swim, Jaxson found a bug

I LOVE these shots of Jax.  He is such a ham.

Once we finished with the pool, we headed back home and Jaxson took a nap.  Kristy came home after school and it was time to go to an evening at the elementary school principal's house.  We rode over with the Shands (our new friends from New Zealand) and Jaxson stayed home with their maid and played with their kids.  The principal lives near downtown in a high rise condo.  

We got lost on floor 13 because he lives on floor 13A.  Kristy thought these were the shoes of a distinguished international school principal (just kidding).

He has amazing views from his back porch.

I learned the pitfalls of wearing "holey" socks in an Asian culture.  My right toe made a guest appearance at the party

After the party, we headed home to collect Jaxson and went to sleep.  Friday was going to be a big day.  Vicki, or G-ma as Jaxson calls her, was set to arrive on Friday.  Vicki had quite the rough time getting to Malaysia.  She was not able to make her first flight and ended up having to spend the night in Seattle and was delayed a whole day.  On the other hand, her bags had a great trip to Japan without her.  When she finally arrived in KL, she learned that her bags were not here and they didn't know where they were at first.  She got on a taxi and headed to our house.  We had given her our address, so the taxi driver brought her straight here.  

When she arrived at our house, I had no idea she had even made it to KL.  She wasn't able to get internet access at the airports and her phone doesn't work overseas.  Out of the blue, I got a phone call from the front gate saying, "Your mom here, sir?".  I said, "Is she here?" and they replied, "Yes".  I hung up the phone, grabbed Jaxson and headed downstairs to meet her.  Our first guest in Malaysia!  

Vicki and Jaxson were tired so they took a nap while I went shopping.  I was able to borrow the Shand's car for the day.  They have really helped us out with rides while we wait for our new car.  When I returned, Vicki and Jaxson were still asleep so I unpacked the groceries.  When Jaxson woke up, we went over to Kristy's school to bring her some lunch.  He got to meet a few more teachers and made friends with the cat you see below:

I dropped off the car for the Shand's and tried to get a taxi home.  It took an hour and a half to get a taxi because it was Friday prayer time.  Later that day, Kristy came home and we all sat around until dinner.  I made fajitas!

They were so good.  If you come visit us, I'll make you some too...

When we woke up on Saturday, we headed out to one of our favorite places called "The Bakery".  It is near the high school campus and they have all kinds of quiches and desserts.

Vicki liked the spinach quiche

After The Bakery, we headed down the road to see the monkeys again.  This time, Kristy and Vicki worked up some courage and actually fed the monkeys.  They can be intimidating, but it was a lot of fun watching them feed the monkeys.  You can see a lot of monkey pictures HERE.

When we got back from the monkeys, Jaxson took a nap and Kristy and Vicki headed out to get Vicki's bags.  They finally arrived in town and it took Kristy and Vicki about 4 hours to go to the airport, collect the bags and return home.  It was a "great" adventure, but they were glad to be back home when it was over.  They had to deal with some Malaysian red tape at the airport which consisted of Kristy pretending to be Vicki and copies of her passport.  It was all worth it when we opened up the bags and saw all the goodies that were sent by Aunt Debbi, Aunt Cathy, and Vicki.  Jaxson especially loved his art supplies and bubbles!

We made a swimming pool on the back porch

Jaxson playing with his new sidewalk chalk

So much fun!
Sunday was even more fun than Saturday.  We got up and headed over to the Central Market near Chinatown.

Kristy, Jaxson and Vicki posing in Central Market

Kristy and Vicki decided to try the "Fish Spa"

They weren't too sure about the fish nibbling on their feet at first

They REALLY liked Vicki's feet.  You can see all the fish on Vicki's feet on the right

Jaxson tried it, but did not like the fish nibbling on his feet

After the fish spa, we went searching for some food in Chinatown

Here is a view of Jalan Petaling.  It's very busy with all kinds of vendors selling look-a-like wear

We tried to get a bite here, but they didn't serve lunch.  The bar was open, but we wanted food, not beer!

A view of the inside of the restaurant.  I'm not sure when they served because when we found out they didn't have food, we left.

We ended up settling on a place called the Swiss hotel.  They had a cafe inside

The chicken satay was neat.  It was served over hot coals

Vicki had some noodles with tofu and veggies

A view of the Swiss hotel cafe

Here is another view of Chinatown

You can see that there were a lot of people there.

After we left Chinatown, we headed over to the Berjaya Times Square building.  It has a theme park inside so we thought we would check it out.

There were floors and floors of escalators.  It was quite impressive.

Kristy and Vicki in front of the roller coaster indoors.

This is the entrance to the Times Square Theme Park

We stopped to get some frozen yogurt

Vicki found a giant MacDonalds sign

They even had an archery range inside

Jaxson found it all very exciting

After all of that, we all needed a rest.  We went back home and napped to get our strength back for the evening.  G-ma volunteered to watch Jaxson for us so we could go out with some of our new friends.  

Jaime and Billy took us to a place they call "The Pig and Cow".  It is a Korean barbeque place with all kinds of spicy side dishes.  The table was full.

After the BBQ, Kristy and I wanted to take advantage of our baby-free night so we headed to Chinatown to get some massages. 

This is Jalan Alur near the massage place.  They have all kinds of stall food there.

A chicken satay cart.  It appears that you cook your own satay here.

Here's the massage place called "the Tropical Spa"

Kristy and I had a couples one hour massage for about $60 USD

The next day, Monday, we woke up and played with some new toys from Aunt Cathy.  

Jaxson loves his legos story book

In the afternoon, we went to Jennifer's house for a play date with a bunch of kids around Jaxson's age.

It was great getting to watch him play with kids his age

Jaxson got the party started by getting in the pool

Monday night, we stayed in and watched a movie.  I met some guys on Monday who invited me to an Ultimate Frisbee game on Tuesday morning.  We got there at 8AM before it got really hot outside.  The weather was great, but I am seriously out of shape.  I was getting left in the dust by guys 10 years older and about 50 pounds heavier than me.  At least they can run!

No one told me there would be so much running involved

While I was getting destroyed in Ultimate Frisbee, Kristy was out with her new friend Jennifer doing some Expat Yard Sale shopping.  Apparently, someone is leaving KL and they are selling all of their stuff.  We got a cool bike for Jaxson, some shoes for Kristy and a pull up bar for me.  She did great!  When she got back home, it was time for Mr. Yong to come over and sign some papers for our new car.  It should be here by Friday.  I'll post some pictures of it when we get it.

Kristy signing some paperwork for the new car

Later that night, we really wanted to take Vicki to the Little Thai stall restaurant near Ampang.  Unfortunately, they were the only stall there that was closed.  Bad luck.  We made due with some noodles.

Vicki and I had the curry noodles...

...And Jaxson and Kristy had the noodles with pork.

What a week!  This post almost made me want to go back to daily updates...almost.  It won't always be this exciting, so I'll stick with the weekly updates.  We're so happy to have Vicki here as our Malaysian house guest.  Everyone is invited to come whenever you can make it.  We love all of you and miss you.

~ Until next time ~

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  1. How fun! It looks like everyone had a great time! It's funny that Jaxson calls Vickie G-ma cause that's what my nephew calls my mom! It's a small world. :)