Thursday, 2 August 2012

Day 48 - City Tour Day

Day 48 was really fun. Scott and Rebecca, the new faculty liaisons, took us on a city tour to some places we hadn't seen yet.

First up was the bird park. It is the largest covered, walk-in aviary in the world.

Here are a couple pictures showing how big the nets are over the facility.

There were quite a few peacocks running around.

I managed to spot the elusive rooster. Perhaps, the most exotic bird seen all day (ps. that was sarcasm for those of you that don't now me that well).

I forget what this bird is called, but we loved his mohawk and red eyes.

Jaxson enjoyed the fish. He calls them, "a-feesh".

The next room we walked in was a parrot exhibit. This was the most fun thing to do at the bird park. You put 2 ringgit, or about $0.60 USD  in the box and you get some "bird milk". The parrots love it and when you hold one of the little cups, they swarm you.

Jaxson wasn't too sure about them. They were really loud and fought with each other over prime feeding spots.

We found some more peacocks and they gave us a show!

We passed under a man-made waterfall.

This is sort of difficult to see, but that is a picture of a spider as big as my hand. The women folk freaked out.

One of Kristy's favorite things. Baby chicks. Really, her favorite things are baby ________ (fill in the blank).

After the bird park, we headed over to the Central Market. We've already shown you pictures from there, but this time we ate at a great restaurant called "Ginger". Great Thai food.

This was fried samosas and a spicy green mango salad.

This was green curry Thai chicken with rice.

Next, we went to a place called Peter Hoe's. I like to pronounce it "Peter's Hoes". Makes it funnier. They have house furnishings similar to World Market. Kristy found all sorts of things she wanted to buy.

Inside Peter Hoe's, I found some more dessert. After the spicy Thai food, I needed something sweet.

After the store, we saw a Chinese Buddhist temple.

After the Buddhist temple, we saw a Hindu temple kitty-corner from the other temple.

On the way back from the city tour, one of our new friends offered to watch Jaxson anytime. We said, "how about tonight?". She said okay, so we decided to go the movies!

We were told about a special screen inside the movie theatre where you can recline in your own private seats and you get a blanket. This is called the Golden area. Kristy is sad below because we did not get to the theatre soon enough and the Golden seats were all sold out. We had to settle for the standard seats, which were still nice.

We enjoyed "The Dark Knight Rises", headed back to pick up Jaxson and went home. It was a great day.

More to come - 

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