Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Day 58 - 59

Day 58

Not much happened on this day.  Jaxson and I took Kristy to school and came back home to have breakfast.  After breakfast, we cleaned up a little and stayed inside.  After that, we went to get the car checked out.  The ABS light is on and I wanted to get that taken care of.  It's not a big deal, but I think it needs to be fixed.  We drove the car over and the mechanic was nice enough to give us a ride back home while he checked out the car.

Jaxson took a moment to pose for the camera.

Click past the break to read more.  Day 59 was better, I promise!

On our way to drop off the car.

When we got dropped off back at home, we did some artwork while we waited.

About 3 hours later, the car was ready and the mechanic came back to pick us up.  He had to reset a bad code for the transmission and checked the ABS pump to get the part number.  Later that day, we picked up Kristy from work and came home.  I cooked some fried rice and chicken and we all went swimming.  Day 58 was over.

Day 59

This day was dedicated to trying to find another car and getting the old car cleaned.  Jaxson and I set out after we dropped off Kristy and headed to the car dealer.  The car dealer is a local guy that most of the ISKL teachers use to find a car.  He is trustworthy and reliable.

On our way over to the car dealer, we stopped by a car wash to have the car cleaned.  It took about 15 minutes and cost RM10($3.00 USD).  I threw in an extra RM5 because they did a great job.  I couldn't believe it was so cheap.  After that we started our journey across town.  The traffic is bad this time of year because of the local holidays.  I entered the address in the GPS and drove off.  The GPS took me straight to the dealership without incident.  When I reached the dealership, I found this:


This is the Suzuki Swift I told you about.

I actually wanted to purchase this car, but I found out when I arrived that it was outside of our budget.  It's a great deal and actually cheaper than any other car I was able to find like this.  I felt pressured to buy this car because I didn't want to lose the deal, but after I talked to Kristy about it we decided that we should wait for another deal; a cheaper car.  We decided to wait and rent a car until we find the right one.

After we left the car dealership, Jaxson and I were hungry so we went over to the Bangsar Village shopping center.  I found a great place to eat and they were still serving breakfast.  It was called "Ben's General Food Store".  They had lots of gourmet foods.  In fact, they were a little too gourmet for Jaxson.  I had a hard time finding something that he could or would eat.  I finally decided on french toast with chocolate syrup and mascarpone and baked eggs with spinach, onions and mascarpone.  We even had some fresh orange juice.

Here is a picture of the french toast.

And here is a picture of the baked eggs.

Jaxson enjoyed my toast that came with the eggs and some of the french toast.

It had a country atmosphere like an old general store would.

They had something on the menu called "DIY Toast".  I think you can toast your bread right there at the table and it comes with a variety of jams and butter.

After lunch, we headed back home, took a nap and waited for Kristy to get off of work.  That was Day 59.

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