Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Week 9

We are moving to a weekly format here at the Godbout Adventure's blog.  The day to day is not always note-worthy, so I'll hit you with one exciting week instead of a bunch of boring days in a row.  The weeks will start on Wednesdays.  The reason for this is because the original post starting Week 1 was about a Wednesday.  Therefore, each following Week will start on a Wednesday.

Wednesday and Thursday of this week were spent trying to get the old car ready to give back to it's gracious owners.  I had it cleaned and checked out by the mechanic prior to handing it over.  Friday was the last day I had the old car, so I decided to go out and see if I could find some car dealerships and possibly another car.  Well, guess what?  I'm not that lucky.

I headed down to Ampang to try and find a place.  At first, I was on the wrong street.  I turned around and headed the correct direction only to find out that the dealership was farther than it looked on the map.  I passed by a couple of dealerships on the way to my intended dealership, so I turned around and tried them out.  I expected for them to tell me a certain price for a 2003 Honda City.  That is what I intended to buy if I found one at a good price.  Malaysians have a tendency to stereotype guys who look like me.  They assume I have money and don't have a computer, let alone the internet, to do some research on car prices.  Some how, the price of the vehicle was about 6000 ringgit more than it was supposed to be.  I told him that was too much and left.  This happened at 2 more places before I gave up and went back home.

This is the car I was looking at getting

It was really nice on the inside

Jaxson checked out the back seat for me

After Jaxson's nap, Jaxson and I headed to Kristy's school because we were the guests of honor in her classroom.  We were the class's "Friday Friends" who read to the class.  Jaxson had fun meeting all of the new kids and the kids loved Jaxson.  Kristy's girls kept saying, "Mrs. Godbout, Jaxson is really cute."  I agree.

On Sunday, we went to church.  We tried the Bridge International church in Ampang again because the first time we went, everyone was out of town for the summer break.  This was a much more pleasant experience.  

Kristy was paying attention, Jaxson was sleeping and I was taking a picture

On Monday morning, Kristy headed off to school to teach her heart out another day.  Jaxson and I sat around in our underwear until about 10:30am and then went to the pool.

Jaxson loves to stand in the elevator and not be held because he is a big boy!...

...unless he wants to sit on his float.

"Is it cold?"

The video below is something Jaxson does almost every time he goes to the pool.  He likes to sit down in front of the jets and let the water fill up his shorts.  Then, he stands up and watches the water pour out of them.

We came back from the pool and Jaxson was ready for a nap.  I tried to clean up a bit while I was waiting for Mr. Yong.  Mr. Yong is the man that brought over the Perodua Myvi that we are going to buy in a couple days.  We have been searching for a car for a few weeks now and after having a conversation with some new friends, we decided on this one.  It is similar to the Suzuki Swift I showed you last week (the blue one). The Myvi is a Malaysian car made in Malaysia, therefore it is much less than the international competition.  We can get a brand new Myvi with a warranty for the price we would have to spend on a used imported car.  We want to get a new car for the peace of mind it will bring.  With the warranty, if something goes wrong, we just have to take it to the dealership and get it fixed.  No worries.  

The one we will get will not have the fancy touch screen 

Kristy and I joked about getting a purple car and Mr. Yong brought the purple one.  What a coincidence.  We will end up getting a black one.

Jaxson enjoyed all the room in the back seat

There is plenty of room in the back for all of our stuff (and Jaxson's stuff)

On Tuesday morning, Jaxson and I spent time at the pool and coloring.  He is so creative and I love to watch him doing his artwork.

Jaxson creating artwork

Watch the master at work

After work, Kristy caught a ride home with a co-worker.  When she arrived home, I headed out to the bank to transfer some money for the down payment on our new car.  While I was out, I picked up some Dominos pizza and spotted this table:

It is the dark brown one under the hideous glass table on top

It is made of rubber wood and they want RM1000 for it.  I'm sure I can offer less if Kristy wants it.

That was week 9 folks.  I hope you enjoy the new weekly format.

~Until next time~

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  1. Loved the videos. What is it about little boys and water jets? Hmmmm, reminds me of you. Good luck on getting the new car. I like the new format. Keep all the news coming. Love to all.