Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day 10

The actual day part of today was very uneventful.  I wasn't feeling well, so I stayed in the room and rested while googling places to live in KL.  We are still completely undecided and may be switching directions all together. We are back to wanting something inexpensive so that we will be able to take advantage of traveling!

Anyway, Keith and Jaxson headed to KLCC to return my face stuff. I think I forgot to mention in the other post, that right after Keith said the weather was good for my skin, I used my face care and broke out in red bumps all over my cheeks.  He was given a hard time, had to fill out a report detailing what the rash looked like and was told if it was approved the money would be credited in 30 days.  So, nothing like returning something back in the states! 

We already had dinner plans with a teaching couple at my school. So, we decided it was best just to hang out until six and not risk getting lost or sitting in traffic.  They picked us up at six on the dot.  Of course, Jaxson loves the freedom of riding without a car seat, but that is not uncommon for babies here. You might even see a baby in between its parents on a scooter with no helmet.  

Our dinner companions played tour guides and took us down Jalan Alcor, a street known for its "stall food."  We had so much fun chatting with them. They ordered several platters and we all just shared.  It was such a great dining experience and it was nice to have them lead the way in new food endeavors for us.  We had real chicken wings, stingray, fried rice, noodles, deep fried spare rib, a leafy veggie and fish.  All very tasty and yes I did have a bite of everything.  

After dinner we just took a stroll up Jalan Alcor and then onto another street that was more Western bars and restaurants. They literally have every kind of restaurant and food you could want. They even have Irish pubs, a German beer garden and even Mexican.  The last street we went down has a lot of massage pallors. You can get an hour massage for about 60 RM, which is about $20 bucks. I can't wait to make that at least a monthly routine!  

I apologize for the lack of pictures, but I didn't want to bust out the camera during dinner and look like a total tourist. For now, you'll have to use your imagination until we tackle dinner on our own. 

These are live frogs... also an item on the menu. I was relieved these did not make it to our table.  I just wanted to dip my toes in trying some new foods not dive in head first.

And the day wouldn't be complete without Jaxson getting his picture taken and flirting with the locals!

 Just strolling the street.

Until tomorrow...

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