Thursday, 14 June 2012

Day 3~ June 14th

Jaxson woke up about 1:15 am, we were able to sooth him back to sleep. However at 3 am it was not having it. At that point, I was pretty much wide away as well. We snacked on Pringles that came in my welcome bag and watched CatDog on Nick Jr.  I think we just needed a little snack in our bellies because by 3:45 we were all asleep again.  Keith woke us up at 7:30 am so we could go to our glorious buffet breakfast again.  It was stations from all over this area.  I’m pretty sure the “American” station is the one with just cereal and milk.  It is so nice to wake up to such a nice buffet every morning.  Both mornings, we have enjoyed fresh omelets, an authentic Thai dish (curry chicken and curry beef), the most amazing croissants I’ve ever tasted and the most unique fruit we’ve ever seen.  Keith grabbed a odd looking little thing that as my Uncle says, looks like a hairy strawberry, which is exactly what I was thinking.  When Keith cut it open, it was the consistency of a pear with a small pit in the middle and tasted like the middle of a grape.  I am so proud of myself for trying it. 

We took Jaxson for a swim. The pool is very nice and allows you to see a great view of the city. 

After a short nap and some blogging… Michelle from Orientations phoned to say she was in the lobby.  We had an hour long orientation that gave us an overview of Malaysia as well as how the relocation company would help us settle in.

Our house hunter’s international episode soon begun; Lillian, a cute little local real estate agent and a driver picked us up.  We immediately were handed a list of  properties that were to be viewed from 2 to 4 p.m.

The first property was a link house in the Taman TAR area.  We were not  a fan of this one in the least, but what we did get out of that viewing is that the showing agent quickly pointed out that we had a flat tire. We headed to the Protronas/Shell station.  As soon as we got out of the car, a black Lexus pulled up and told us to hop in.  It was Mr. Khawn, the owner of the next property.  This was an three story apartment that had the most amazing view of the city.  The kitchen was updated, but the highlight of the property was the family of monkeys that we watched from the windows. 

We were dropped off back at the Shell station where the driver quickly pulled in.  We then headed to a 3 bedroom and a 2 bedroom condo in the same complex; both very clean and very nice. We loved the 2 bedroom because of the updates in the kitchen, but it was very small. We really tried to picture ourselves there, but being realistic we want all of you to come visit and there just wouldn’t be room. So, we sadly had to rule that one out.

The last three viewings were all awful.  One smelled funky and the other two in the same high density, high rise felt like a odd mix of New York and a compound.  The amenities were so nice, but it just felt very uncomfortable walking around.  Neither of us could quite put our finger on it, but we just got weird vibes.

So with that, we headed back to the hotel. Jaxson missed his nap, did not have his passie or any snacks so he basically pitched the biggest fit in the history of all fits.  The driver even insisted on stopping at a local grocery to buy him a snack. We bought a bushel of bananas for 5.90 RM, very expensive bananas! (about $3 for 4) He continued with his dramatic episode until we were able to lay him in his crib.

We all collapsed at about 5:15 pm.  We slept solid until midnight.  I think we messed ourselves up, but we needed the sleep desperately.  

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  1. Get the one with the monkeys! That was the reason Jaxson chose to move, right? :)