Thursday, 14 June 2012

Day 2~ June 13th

Somewhere during the 15 hour flight we crossed the International Date line.  Keith and I both felt like the flight was never going to end.  We ended up giving Jaxson some Benadryl and laid him at our feet. He actually slept about 9 hours.  However, with him on the floor, I had to be strategic about where I put my feet and could not get comfortable. The chairs were unlike anything I’ve ever sat in before.  They did not recline, but had a sling and when you pushed the button the bottom part came forward. It had no cushion, almost like a lawn chair. So, I had little to no sleep to say the least. 

When we arrived in Hong Kong, we arrived at 7:30 pm instead of 9 pm.  We were all wide awake and not thrilled about having to wait until 1 am for our final flight. We were able to video chat with our good friend Courtney on the iPad. That was a fun mental break from the travel. We sat on the outside of the security gate for a couple of hours, thinking we would be trapped once we went in. Little did we know, it was a mall with tons of shops and restaurants.  Once we did decide to venture in it was a few minutes after 11 and they were closing.  We ended up having to eat at McDonalds. Boo.

As we passed through security, again I wish we had a picture. It was one of the craziest experiences I have ever had when dealing with TSA.  Jaxson and I went through the metal detector. On the other side, I was mobbed by female TSA workers. All chinese, all surrounding me, all touching Jaxson.  I was too tired to care and couldn’t stop smiling at how enthralled they were. I swear it seemed like they had never seen a baby before.  One young girl, stuck her finger in his passie. Those who know Jaxson, know this could be fatal.  I guess he bit her because she started making a crazy noise and shaking her finger. 

Once, we were done being mobbed we killed some more time and finally were able to board.  We were brought to the front of the line because we had Jaxson; as much of a handful as he can be, he really does make traveling easier at times. We chatted with Nasa, who had three girls of his own and a boy about two years old.  He lives near KL with his family.  We later found out that he owns a souvenir shop where he sells items he brings over from China and that his wife, “Shy” is 6 months pregnant with another girl. 

So, now we have boarded. There are hardly any people on the huge plane and we are in the emergency row where there is a specially designed bassinet that folds out for our “infant.”  He barely fit in it and as soon as he heard the word, “food” or maybe it was “eat” he popped his little head out never to entering that bassinet again. Somewhere in there, we moved him to the two seats between Keith and I. We were in a total of four seats together.  Jaxson was sleeping soundly, Keith’s mouth was hung open while he dreamed his sweet dreams, so I of course felt it would be safe to also doze lightly.  I awoke to the flight attendant saying, “Miss, this your baby?”  And Jaxson was wide awake, dangling from the sweet flight attendants arms. She just giggled and handed him to me.  I was half-awake, laughing and mortified at the same time.  I have not concept or clue as to how long Jaxson had been making friends with everyone on the plane.  One passanger, later asked me, “how old is your baby?” Followed by, “he likes to run a lot” while making a circular motion with his finger; signaling me that Jaxson must have been running up and down the aisles while his parents slept soundly.  I just laugh out loud when I picture this scene.

We landed at 5 am.  As we got off the plane, we ran into Nasa and his family. He handed us a small piece of paper the size of a business card. It had his cell number, his wife’s and his email.  He said to call them anytime we had questions.  Another glimpse at how nice the people are and how God can use anyone to make us feel loved. 

We retrieved all ten items that were checked, loaded them up and headed to our pick up location.  As I crossed the double doors, I could make out a man holding a sign that read, “Mrs. Kristy Godbout.”  It was our driver, George!  A native to KL, born and breed there, he told us, but wouldn’t disclose his age. 

He was so helpful and informative on our hour drive into the city.  We checked into our hotel around 7 am.  They so kindly gave us a room with an amazing view of Petronas Towers.  We showered, ate breakfast and were picked up by our new best friend, Fairuz at 9 am.

I joked with Fairuz, that we was our new best friend because we spent the next four hours with him running errands. All of which would have never happened if he wasn’t right by our side, translating and driving us.  We went by my new school where we were welcomed with open arms, hugs and excitement.  Both Keith and I had official badges made.  We then were able to buy a phone number at a small booth in a local shopping area. We took our phone number to the bank and after about an hour were able to open an account, set up automatic deposit, receive ATM cards and deposit our settling in allowance. 

We arrived back at the hotel around 12:30.  The next thing I knew, it was 4 pm and I don’t remember any of us eating lunch.  We were planning on just taking a quick nap, but it turned into a four-hour slumber.  I had to drag myself, Keith and Jaxson out of bed because I knew if we didn’t get up now, it wasn’t going to happen.

We took a walk to KLCC, located under/connected to the Petronas Towers. It is the city center with a six story mall. They have a lot of high end stores, Jimmy Choo, Tiffany & Co. but they also have some of my favorites: MAC, Banana Republic and a Toys R Us for Jaxson.  We went straight to Maxis, a local phone carrier and were able to sign up for a two year contract which came with two iPhone 4s with 16g.  That really means nothing to me, but Keith said it was a really good deal, one that we couldn’t have gotten in the US. 

We took a dinner break at Chili’s, which was ironic to us, because that is where we spent many meals when we were first married and very poor in Orlando.  We ate there because it was often free or very cheap because Keith served there.

We stumbled upon a fountain and light show in the park, which I was able to capture and post to facebook with my new phone!  I miss friends and family already, but thank God for facebook because we instantly felt connected again or at least could pretend we weren’t so far away. 

We were back and in bed around 9.  

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