Monday, 18 June 2012

Day 7

After breakfast, we headed back to the room in time to chat with my mom and grandma.  Technology is such as blessing when we half a world apart and thank God for facebook. I never thought I would say that, but it allows us to feel connected minute to minute if we are missing our loved ones.

We ended our chat and quickly got ready so we could meet Yuka at the Melawati campus (the elementary school).

Success!! We actually made it somewhere without getting lost, turning around, the car breaking down or almost hitting a scooter.

We pulled a few minutes after ten. We met Mr. Yew the mechanic, who took the car for a test drive. Turns out the car is fine... especially when the emergency brake isn't engaged!  It's just an older car, so we have just remember it will be a lot louder than what we are used to.

I am completely overwhelmed by where to start in my classroom.  It is a weird feeling to come into a room with a ton of things left from the last teacher. I am not sure what to keep, throw out or organize. I have a few weeks to get it in order though. I just wish I had some fellow friends from the hills there to help me!

Once the car checked out, Yuka offered to show us the way to IKEA.  We followed her without any hiccups and finally made it!!

 Once inside we headed straight for some lunch! 
 Open faced prawn sandwich, anyone?!

We decided to pass on the prawn and opted for more of the comfort food option.  All of that for about $8 USD!! What a deal. The little dessert next to the juice is called an egg tart.  We just saw them on Samantha Brown's show on TLC. She was in Hong Kong and went to a bakery where all they made were these little treats.  It was good; just a simple crust and it tasted like custard.

After IKEA, we headed to Lori's to do a load a laundry and visit with her a bit.  Here is the little play "nook" she set up for Jaxson. So sweet! 

Lori phoned her landlord so that he could show us another link house that was available for rent. We walked down about 4 link houses to this unit on the end.  We love it, but don't want to jump on anything just yet.  The perks on this place are obviously the yard, that it is furnished, tons of room for guests (anyone is welcome!) and it is gated with patrolling security!  We are hesitant because it is a little bit more than my housing allowance, there are no monkeys and it doesn't have any amenities like a pool, playground or gym for Keith and Jaxson during the day. We also haven't really looked at other areas to see what else is out there, but we do love this unit. We are very torn. 

 View when you exit the back of the house. 
 Kitchen... Comes with all appliances and even has an oven which is not common. 

We got a lesson on doing laundry and dishes the Malaysian way...

...small front loader outside and then you line dry your clothes in the sun and hope it doesn't rain.

and back to the hotel for a good night's sleep! 


  1. So, I love my new nightly ritual....reading the Godbout's blog! I'm glad to see that you guys are doing well and paving the way ;) Love you guys and praying for you daily! Love, Beckett

  2. Loving your Blog does not feel like you are so far away. Love You Guys!!!!