Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day 17

I really didn't sleep well between the rock hard mattresses that I am told are common here and my mind racing with housing options.  I was glad that our viewings were scheduled at ten so we didn't have to wait long.  

We had such as great feeling pulling into our new neighborhood... 20 Trees!  We were shown three units on the first block. The first block did have a better view and was a few short steps to the pool area.  The first unit was on the first level (second level because the first level here is considered level G for "ground"). It was 3,200 RM with a "pool view" although when you walked out onto the balcony all you could see where the trees blocking the pool view.  We went up another level and another 400 RM in price. This unit was also 100 square meters smaller.  I will admit the view was better, but it also lacked the private lift.  The last unit we saw was on the 4th level.  Incredible views! We really had a hard time considering which unit to pick.  With such a short walk to the gym and pool and a great view, it seems like the better option. However, priced at 3,800 RM we had to weigh out if it was worth it.  

We offered 3,400 RM and walked to the pool so the two agents could discuss it.  The listing agent was not impressed and his whole demeanor changed when we were not willing to pay 3,800 RM.  I was so thankful that Lee showed us the unit for 3,000 RM. It gave us a great perspective when looking at similar units.  

We continued to wait for an answer, while Jaxson met a new friend in the playroom by the pool. 

We were informed that the landlord resides in the middle East somewhere and was asleep. So, we could not get an definite answer until 4pm.  

We decided to head to IKEA again, just to compare prices to what we had seen in the local furniture store.  As we drove, we talked about our options and clung to our goals here.  In a few minutes of talking it through, we realized we had already made our decision.  We phoned Lee and went with the 3,000 RM condo!!  Since we were willing to pay the asking price, the landlord is putting in 3 ceiling fans, hot water in the common bathroom and a venetian blind in the master bath.  We don't have to do anything, but have it cleaned! We do the "hand over" Sunday! 

By the time we got to IKEA, which we actually made it to without getting lost, we were very hungry. Our hunger got the best of us and we just made the rash decision to get lunch in the IKEA cafeteria. Not the best food, but again very cheap.  We all eat for about $10 USD.

It is the first time in my life, that I was able to walk through IKEA and not buy something.  After IKEA, we walked over to the Fashion Walk mall.  (I know what you're thinking and no we still have not seen all of the malls) We found a GARMIN store and bought a GPS! 


We ended up finding the ACE hardware store. So, I decided to pop in and find one of those old fashion apple corer, peeler, slicing contraptions.  My friend, Jen,who just opened the Fork & Pie bar was given one by her dad to aid her in making her amazing apple pies.  I remember him saying that he found it at ACE.  Long story short, I tried to describe it in every way possible and tried to motion with my hands as if I was using it.  The guys looked at me puzzled and sent me over to the hose section, basing their recommendation on the circular motion my finger was making I guess. 

We grabbed some Guinness for our dinner hosts and headed back to Lori's.  After a quick nap, we navigated ourselves straight to Chris and Max's house again without getting lost. That is a record! It didn't take nearly as long as we had anticipated so we killed some time in the park.

Oh and Jaxson got some new kicks at the Fashion Walk mall for about $10 because we left his shoes at home...

We had such a nice time relaxing in their enormous yard, watching Jaxson play with their dogs and sipping on some home brews concocted by Max. We enjoyed a flavorful lasagna that was cooked by their maid. It is such a foreign concept for us, but seems to be very common for people with lots of pets or kids.  She even took Jaxson on a walk and bathed him for us.  It was a mini break where we could actually sit and chat without watching his every move. They shared traveling stories and pictures, answered my questions about my school and made us feel so at home. I am so grateful for the genuine kindness everyone here as shown us! 

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