Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Day 9

We have officially been in KL for a week now. It's gone by very fast, but on the other hand we've been able to see and do a lot so it feels longer.

As I warned, it was a very lazy morning relaxing in the room and by the pool. Nothing too exciting to write about other than Keith's expose' on driving here... Click HERE to read about it.

We laid around and let Jaxson take a nap until about noon. Then we walked over to the Hard Rock Cafe. Keith was craving a juicy burger; there they claim the burgers are made with grain fed beef. It tasted good, but it was a little too greasy for my tummy and gave me an upset stomach the rest of the day. Keith's ironclad stomach was fine of course.

During the meal, the waiter gave Jaxson a balloon. This served to entertain both us and him. I loved watching him get more and more tangled in the balloon and then study the string to figure out how he would escape.

By the way, we finally realized that when you order hot dogs here they are actually made out of chicken. Jaxson didn't seem to mind though.

After lunch, we walked back to the hotel and grabbed the car. We had arranged with Lee to view another link house in Sering Ukay (the neighborhood that Lori lives in). On the way over we hit traffic (at 2:45!) and had a quick rain shower.

When we pulled into Lori's, she was working outside on the patio. 


Jaxson decided he wanted to help her.

As I sat and watched Jaxson play, I noticed Keith disappeared for a minute. When he came back and sat down, he casually said they were filming a movie in the house next door and they asked him if he wanted to be in it. "What?!" I said, "Go, go be in the movie!" He told them maybe another day. I also told him that he should ask what kind of movie it is before he actually agrees to be in it. They say it's a "children's drama." Maybe Keith will be the next Steve from Blues Clues! It's really hard to tell, but they were covering the windows with black tinted cellophane and they had large spot lights set up. 

While waiting for the real estate agent, Lori walked us down to the neighborhood playground.



We walked down to meet Lee at another link house. Our decision on where to live gets more difficult by the day. This link house faces the opposite direction, which means that it is a lot cooler in the afternoon and has more views of the forest. It also is 2 1/2 stories, which means it has two yards! It would be the same price as the other one, but with no furniture.
Lori invited us to say for dinner. We had a tofu and potato curry dish. It was really good!

We ended the night with a drive home in the dark, which always makes me jumpy, but Keith is becoming an expert opposite side driver.

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