Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day 12

It was the last day at the hotel. What a sad day to say goodbye to the breakfast buffet.  It was such a great start to the day... to be well fed, fueled up and caffeinated. 

Here's a view of our lovely abode for the last ten days...

 Right before we walked down to check out, Lee called Keith and let us know the landlord accepted and we got the house from Day 11! We scheduled an inspection with the relocation agency, so it everything checks out we'll be moving in July 1st.

What a lucky baby... look at those views of the city! 

We headed to Lori's where Jaxson found the tub of water that is for cooling your feet.  This little tub of water kept him entertained for a good thirty minutes!

We decided we should grab some groceries for the week and cook comfort dish for dinner. 

This is the Giant grocery store; it is a local chain and has very reasonable prices. Of course some things are really expensive: dairy products, American cereal and our items for our Italian dish were a little more than we expected.

 "Goodbye Musty." 

 Here, you put a plastic bag over your hand, grab what you want and get it weighed! 

Dinner was lovely. We had a zucchini and mushroom red sauce over angel hair pasta with bread and salad. I even splurged on a box of Betty Crocker brownie mix!  

All in all a great day living like a local. 

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