Sunday, 17 June 2012

Day 6

Of course you've probably already guessed that we started our day at the breakfast buffet. However, today we tried a new fruit or I should say I made Keith try a new fruit, tell me what it tasted like and then I tried it.  

                                        Turns out Red Dragon Fruit tastes like a bland kiwi. 

After Breakfast, we didn't really have any sort of plan.  We saw a storm quickly coming in so we thought it would be a good idea to try out the public transit and maybe just see the city while staying dry.

Here's the view from the hotel room to the right...

 and to the left...

We had to go to the right to get to the monorail. We tried to beat the storm, but...
 we only made it to the hotel steps. It was really relaxing to sit and listen to it pour though.  

Once it let up, we ran to the monorail. That is Keith talking to the attendant; we finally figured out he was saying we each needed our own card to go through. We were trying to share it because it had enough RM on it. 

We made it on. 

So, at this point we decided to try to go to the Batu Caves.  We thought we were headed the right direction, but got lost somewhere along the way.  We stood at a street corner asking several people if they could point us in the right direction.  Finally, these two girls helped us out. They were so sweet!  The girl in the pink shirt is De'me and she is blind. She spoke English. The other girl is Esme (I think) and she spoke less English but guided De'me around and pulled her luggage for her.  I would ask De'me a question, she would ask Esme in Malay. Esme would answer, De'me would tell me in English and then they would say, "follow, follow." 

So, it was literally the blind leading the blind because we had no idea where we were going. 

We finally made it to the correct platform thanks to our new friends. 

And here we are! 

Again, everybody wants to tap Jaxson on the cheek, chin or take a picture of or with him. It's the craziest thing.  We have our own little white baby celebrity.  This guy asked if he could get a picture with him so I took one of him too. 

His friend tried to jump in the picture and messed up his just painted Henna tattoo. 
The monkeys were Jaxson's favorite part. 

We noticed a temple to the left of the caves. Everyone was taking off their shoes, washing their feet and walking into the temple.

Keith stayed behind with Jaxson and the stroller, while I climbed 242 stairs to the top.  Here is what I saw along the way...

At the top...
You could keep going deeper into the cave, but I wanted to wait until Keith could go with me.
View from inside looking out.

and another 242 back down... very steep and wet from the rain. (and stinky from all the bare feet)

Those are my shoes in the bottom left. That's how close the monkeys came looking for food on the ground. 
Um... that is her HAIR! Pretty incredible, I wanted to ask her how old she was. 
Who cares about cultural experiences when there are seats to run and jump on...

Back to KLCC for some lunch.  We saw this store on the way. 
I will have to stop in there someday because it looks like cute handbags! 
I'm ready for lunch! 

Last stop before we headed back to the hotel... diapers to keep Jaxson's weewee dry. 

We tried to get Jaxson to take a nap, but he wasn't having it. So, I had the bright idea to take the car to IKEA just to walk around. I won't go into too many details, but let's just say that 3 hours later we finally made it back to the hotel, never made it to IKEA even though we could see the sign and thought we were going to die on the highway because we thought the car was breaking down.  Needless to say, it wasn't, but we are meeting Yuka at the mechanic just to have things double checked.  I'm really bummed I never made to IKEA, but I am ready for bed!  Until tomorrow... 



  2. I remember being in a lot of people's pictures when my sisters and I lived in Japan. There's just something special about cute American kids.

    I'm glad Jaxon got to see his monkeys up close!