Sunday, 24 June 2012

Day 13

Wow... so we've been here almost two weeks. That is so hard to believe.  It is amazing to look at all of the things that have come to fruition since February.  We are blessed beyond belief and are so grateful for what God is doing in our lives. We do not feel worthy of such blessings and all we can do is have a heart of gratitude for His guidance as well as all the amazing people that pray for us daily.  Keep praying for us, we can feel it all the way over here!

Since it was Sunday, we decided we would go try out a church. We attended The Bridge International Church which is a non-denominational church affiliated with the world evangelical alliance.

We got there a little too early and what seemed to be an empty church service, quickly filled up with nationalities from all over the world.  It was an interesting service and not quite what we are accustomed to although not many things are over here.  Being an international church, it is very transient and they even had a portion of the announcements dedicated to saying goodbye to people moving away. This is something that happens every Sunday. The worship was nice... reminded me of the contemporary Christian songs I grew up with in South Carolina.

After the worship, Jaxson did not want to sit still, so we took him to the "play room." They had a close circuit TV hooked up so you could view the sermon.  I wish I got a better picture of the baby girl who was in there. She was a chunky little thing, dressed up in a black tutu and black converse. Again, I found one of the cutest babies I've ever seen! Maybe I just love chunky little Asian babies.

So, we left early because we were starving and didn't pack any snacks.  Jaxson passed out before we could actually feed him.

We walked around the Great Eastern Mall. Yes, another mall!  We found a little bookstore...

Side note: No, your eyes are not deceiving you!! Starbucks offers a Red bean and Green Tea Frappuccino. Even Keith does not want to give this a try.

We had a little bit of a fiasco while trying to find the Central Market downtown, but all is well and again everything worked out.

We came back and napped at Lori's.  She showed us the way to... wait for it.... another mall! 

At the Wangsa Walk mall, we found our new favorite store F.O.S. (Factory Outlet Store).  It had American name brands for very cheap.  I didn't buy them, but I found some really nice Gap dress pants for 59 RM, less than $20.

We also enjoyed watching a little lifesized Jenga action Asian style (their rules allowed them to turn the pieces 90 degrees instead of removing one and placing it on the top).  I took a 3 minute respite in a massage chair for only 1 RM. It was only 10 cents per minute!

We also made our way to Jusco, which is like a huge department store.  Jaxson enjoyed playing on the rugs with Lori, while I was busy buying pillows so that I could actually sleep.  We got 2 really nice nano cotton pillows, a bolster pillow (I don't know why I've never slept with one of these before) and egyptian cotton pillow cases for all 3 for about $55 USD!! What a steal and so worth it because I finally slept good here.

 I finished off the night, studying up on some Fountas and Pinnell. "It's already started," Keith said, making fun of me for my love of learning.  

Until tomorrow...


  1. Cute. I f&p at work, so let me know if i can help? *emalee

    1. Thanks Emalee! I had a little bit of experience last year but I'm sure I'll have question :)