Thursday, 14 June 2012

Day 1 ~ June 11th

We woke up a little bit later than we should have or maybe we were just moving too slow, but it seemed that we got to the ATL airport a lot later than we planned. I started to sweat as Keith and my mom were parking. The flight attendant, who I tried to at least get to smile, was not in the sort of mood I was hoping for and she made it very clear that she followed the rule book.  Two of the suitcases were over 50 lbs.  A very straight faced, no funny business bell hop helped me weigh and re-weigh until every piece was under 50 lbs.  It was primarily the shoes that I moved around until it was just the right weight.  As we checked in the luggage, she had us weigh the stroller. It was 20.5 lbs and would have to be checked. This would mean that we could have to pay $150 and would not have it for Jaxson as we traveled to each airport.  My mom and Keith literally stripped the stroller down to bear bones. I wish now we would have had a picture. Anyway, we got it down to 19.5 and Miss Rule Follower had to let us take it with us even though I could tell she didn’t want to.  So, with that we were off and did not have to pay anything extra. Thank you Jesus!

We quickly made our way through security and in no time at all arrived at the gate only to be boarding with very little time for good-byes.  Our flight from ATL to CHI was quick and Jaxson fell asleep as soon as he felt the plane take off.  We landed around 12:30 and waited around for our flight to Hong Kong.  The gate wasn’t listed until an hour before the flight.  We found out we had to leave the terminal, take a monorail to another building and re-enter security. I was panicked when we walked into a line full of people and already got a sense of what it would be like to become the minority.  It was the international travel terminal and it absolutely did not feel like the US. 

Again, with God’s hand on us, we got through security with all of my liquids and no hassle.  We arrived at the Cathway Pacific airway gate to find we were the ONLY Caucasians.  I guess that would make sense, because it is an Asian airline.  Anway, they were so sweet to check the rest of our carry-ons, stroller and carseat all the way to KL.  At that point we didn’t care. It was less to drag along.

The flight from CHI to Hong Kong seemed like an enternity!  It was a completely full flight. AND Jaxson was an infant in lap.  Not fun with an 18 month old that loves to run around.  He actually did pretty well. We chatted with Kristen, who was on her way to the Philippines to visit family and we watched Mickey Mouse clubhouse on the back of the seat in front of us.  We did have to request an extra meal because they tried to bring us Gerber baby food jars for Jaxson.  That may have been a catastrophe, but  I would have loved to see his facial expression when we tried to spoon feed that to him! 

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