Friday, 22 June 2012

Day 11

We are becoming very Malaysian already... meaning we do very little during the day and decide to come out of hiding at night.  However, I did have an excuse for my lack of productivity and I'm pretty sure it was the result of my adventurous eating at the "stalls."  Although Keith and Jaxson were completely fine so I'm not sure why I had such a bad reaction. I guess Jaxson has a stomach like Keith which is a good thing. I, on the other hand, woke up in the middle of the night feeling completely intoxicated (although I had no alcohol!). The room was spinning, I stumbled to the bathroom, my arms were heavy, my head was pounding and I went in between hot flashes and extreme cold chills. It was enough to keep me away from the local food for a little bit longer...

Keith and Jaxson did venture down to the breakfast buffet... Jaxson managed to get some help bringing me some breakfast back to the room.

We were able to fit in a mid day trip to the pool and to swing by the ISKL Ampang (middle and high school) campus to pick up some documents. Jaxson was the center of attention... making friends with the entire office staff.

On our way to Lori's, we were sidetracked by a phone call from our new realtor friend Lee.  He had been telling us the last two days that we have to come view a house in the Melawati area, near my school.  We kept telling him that we had lowered our budget and we were no longer wanting to spend as much as we had originally told him.  Anyway, we finally decided we had nothing better to do and why not go see what he swore was an amazing property.

Amazing is an understatement! 

 This is one of THREE yards... look at the view!!!
 You can see a thunder storm rolling in...

 Living room.
 This is in between the living room and dining room... like a courtyard in the middle of the house.
 Kitchen, equipped with large fridge, oven, stove top, hood... not common here. 
 Even a washer and dryer!

 As a part of renting the property... there is a playground...
 Baby pool...
 Kids play room
 Infinity pool

 work out facility and a meditation garden.

We are so excited we can barely stand it.  We made an offer that is reasonable, but not too much for us to handle. Now we just wait until the landlord accepts or counters.  It was an unbelievable deal!  Lee told us that this kind of deal never happens and that we have "good luck and Malaysia welcomes us." We believe that our "good luck" are your prayers protecting us. This is the "perfect" place that we couldn't even imagine. We'll see what happens...

After leaving Lee, we sat in traffic almost two hours. Poor planning on our part because the entire city heads downtown on Friday nights.

 Eventually we were able to get on the toll road... huge difference!

The only bad part about the toll road is that it takes you directly to the mall if you get off on the wrong exit, which of course we managed to do.  We got of the exit and all of the sudden we were under KLCC in the largest parking garage I've ever seen!  It also very clearly said, "No passing through."
 We parked, went in for a quick stroll around Isetan (like a Macy's) grabbed a fruit smoothie and paid for parking.  We were there a total of 41 minutes.

Jaxson loves riding the escalators... 

When we finally made it back to the hotel it was almost 9 o'clock... we were all in bed and asleep by 9:30.

Until tomorrow... 


  1. Praying they accept your offer. Love reading about your adventures!

  2. Sorry to hear about the stomach issues; glad to hear about the new house! Looks fantastic! And you found the mall too!