Saturday, 16 June 2012

Day 5

Today was the epitome of a lazy day! We woke up about 9, which is the latest we've been able to sleep in so far, but we still had a middle of the night attack of insomnia around 3 or 4.

Of course, we went to the breakfast buffet, but this time the East Wing side was full so we were told to venture over to the West Wing side.  The West Wing side is the 5 star side.  It was pretty much the same, but we liked the atmosphere better over there so we plan to just go there from now on.

After breakfast, we did our daily stroll to the KLCC.  We popped into a couple shops because starting June 15th everything goes on sale. In fact, the relocation agent said, "all of Malaysia goes one sale!"

I got a really cute 50s style dress a the Gap for my first day of school and a really cute pair of black wedges for a great deal.

We then headed over to the Aquaria.  Jaxson was free and it was 90 RM for both of us. So, about $15 a person.  It wasn't nearly the size of the Aquarium in Chattanooga, but a lot cheaper.  It was still a fun experience seeing some animals we have never seen before.  Check out the pictures below!

We came back to the hotel, napped, swam and grabbed lunch that we shared for about $8USD.  It was a Ciabatta Mozzarella sandwich and a dessert called "Tobleron." Both were delicious. The dessert was only $3 the same price for a can of coke!

We ordered room service for dinner.  I have been playing it safe. I had buttermilk pancakes and Jaxson had a grilled cheese with fries and a fruit cup.  Keith on the other hand, wanting to be more adventurous ordered the "royal."  In his words, "it was nasty."  It was suppose to be smoked salmon on an english muffin with a pooched egg and hollandaise sauce, but he said the fish was very fishy.

And that concludes day 5!

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