Monday, 25 June 2012

Day 14

We had a very busy Monday running errands... it hasn't been as easy to be "tourists" since we left the hotel, but it is nice to slowly feel like we are getting adjusted here. As soon as we woke up, we quickly got ready and headed down to the Ampang campus to meet Fairuz. He then drove the three of us to the MayBank so that we would be able to do online banking.  Everything seems to take many more steps here.  It took about thirty minutes or more. In that time, I literally just sat and stared at the man behind the computer and never said a word. He, on the other-hand, seemed very busy and official. He kept typing, looking at my passport and stamping papers.  All of this, just to be able to logon to the website. After the bank, we headed back to the campus where I could successfully logon and set up our online banking account. Success!  

After the bank, we had an appointment to meet Lee and Eileen at our new residence.  We loved the fact that security gave us a hard time about trying to get in to see the house.  Luckily, you can see our house from the guardhouse and Eileen was waving at us from the driveway. Once they saw her, they took my ID and let us in. The inspection took longer than we thought, but it was to our benefit. She was very thorough and asked tons of questions about security issues, neighborhood demographics as well as information about our future landlords.  All in all, the house checked out with minor issues that need to be addressed.  The house was built a year and half ago and has never been occupied. So, we were happy to know that we are getting a brand new unit.  The aircons need to be serviced, it will get one last deep clean, the hot water heaters fixed and then we should sign everything to be able to do the "hand over" by July 1st.

We headed over to my campus right after our inspection. It was only a five minute drive to work!  I worked in my classroom, organizing the desk area and unpacking the one carry-on bag I packed of my essential classroom items I couldn't live without.  While I was hard at work, Keith and Jaxson were able to explore and hard at play.

I should have taken a before picture, but it looks much better! 

We finished off the day, by trying a restaurant in the Great Eastern Mall.  We had originally planned to cook chicken pot pies at home, but failed to read the directions which said they had to be completely thawed out. After an hour of waiting, we needed a new plan.  So, we found this little jazz place with a great ambience. Ironically, they had their own version of what we had planned to cook to begin with, "Chicken and Mushroom pie."  It was delightful and hit the spot.

Until tomorrow...

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