Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Day 20

Today was hand over day! That means we drove over to the condo to sign the lease and were handed the keys and access card to our private lift! On our way to 20 Trees, Ellena called to see if she could follow us over. When we arrived in the parking lot, she greeted me with a house-warming gift. It was a contraption that slices, dices, grates and peels… similar to what I was looking for at Ace hardware! 

We all walked through the unit again, noting any marks, scuffs and testing all lights, air cons and appliances.  Sadly, the hot water in the master bath is not working as well as the fridge and oven that are on the same wall so they are thinking it might be an electricity issue.  Other than that, the unit was clean and new fans were installed in every room.

We got to meet Lee Swee Eng who is Lee San San’s aunt.  Lee San San is our landlord who lives in East Malaysia.  Our real estate agent, Lee was also there. I started to realize there were a lot of “Lees.”  Then, I remembered reading about surnames.  In the case of Swee Eng and San San, their surname is Lee and they go by the second two names.  I’ve also learned in some cases it might be better to say, “How may I address you?” instead of “What is your name?” 

We began the whole process at ten a.m. Luckily, Jaxson decided to take a nap somewhere in there and by 1 p.m. we were still standing in the kitchen talking to Lee and Swee Eng about their recommendations for Chinese restaurants.  Lee hand drew us several maps and tried his best to explain their locations. Of course, we tried and failed miserably, getting completely lost.  We ended back at Din Tae Fung, which Lee specifically said was touristy. Oh well!  We also tried to find IKEA and just ended up mad and frustrated because we literally had to turn around or change our route six times! Here if you miss a road there is a good chance you will either have to wait a long time before you see the u turn sign, or you will have to jump on another highway and try to redirect yourself. 

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