Saturday, 7 July 2012

Day 26

Right after posting the last update, we went back to the condo. When turning on the hot water pump for the guest bathroom, there was a pop and with that all the air cons, fans and half of the lights went out!  Ugg! More electrical issues!! and now we had no air cons and no fans and were headed to bed early to get up for the market.  So, we made a few phone calls. Maintenance came, asked Keith for a screwdriver and poked at a few wires. He said he had never seen an electrical box like ours and could not fix it. Our landlord finally called me and offered to put us up in a hotel. I told her that was so nice, but if we could just have a standing fan for now that would work.  So, a couple minutes before midnight her aunt (because she lives in East Malaysia) dropped off a large standing fan.  We actually slept fine, but we did not get up for the six a.m. alarm!

Instead, we woke up and immediately felt hot. The sun comes pouring in on our bedroom and living room side in the morning and heats things up very quickly.  We are waiting for our shipment to come before we hang curtains.

Keith said he would wait for the electricians.  I decided to go on the hike after all.  It was nice to have some girl time with some of the ladies I will be working with; not to mention it was so beautiful.  I kept just stopping and taking in the jungle. "This is why we moved here," I kept saying to myself.

Right in the middle of the Taman TAR neighborhood there is this trail, in between houses on the side of the road.  I never noticed it when we were looking at houses in this area. 

Looking back out you can still see the neighborhood...

Up, up and away...

 An old reservoir? 

Up a little bit more...

At the top, this is what you find!

A city view! 

After our hike, we all went to the Bakery.  It is actually called "the Bakery."  I had a lovely little spinach quiche and latte.  Again, some girl time was nice. I got to meet Jennifer and her 26 month old Isabella!  I can't wait for Jaxson to meet Isabella. While at the Bakery, Keith texted that the electricians replaced an old fuse and that everything was working! Hallelujah

When I got back, we went for a family swim. 

We did so good this week, eating every meal at home. Keith really wanted to go out. So, I took him to this place that Jennifer recommended; a Japanese BBQ place. Do not be mistaken like I was, it is not the BBQ we are used to in the South.  It is Japanese BBQ, but it was still really good! Their "BBQ" sauce was SO good... it tasted like a soy sauce and garlic combination.

There is a round dome in the middle of the table that gets hot. The waitress cooks or "grills" the meat in the center. Since we did the buffet, we could just keep ordering and ordering. Keith was in heaven!

We tried lamb...

 and butter fish.

Jaxson enjoyed the fruit and fried rice, which he got everywhere. The wait staff said they would rather clean up a mess than listen to a screaming baby.  I had never thought of it that way. At least he wasn't screaming.  

So, we had our first experience with yakiniku (Japanese term for grilled meat) and I tried raw salmon and butter fish. I still didn't like the slimy texture, but again it's baby steps for me. At least I'm trying it! 

~Until Tomorrow~

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