Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 27 & Day 28

We woke up so excited! Today is the day we can be connected again. We are missing talking to our friends and family!

We were scheduled to have the installation at 9:30 this morning. It was scheduled last week when we drove downtown to the one place that could set it up. We also had a confirmation phone call on Saturday. But as the day went on... it was looking less and less like we were going to have internet installed.

We waited...

and waited...

The delirium of waiting finally got the best of us.

All this to say that, we had one of the most frustrating days since we have been here. We were warned about "Malaysian ways," but I have never been so upset with a company's customer service in my life. We called at 9:45, they said they would be here at 12:30. At 12:45, they said 1:30. This went on for hours! We literally called six times, getting more upset with every phone call. They would not let us talk to a supervisor and they would not give us any other number. They would give the same speech verbatim that it would be thirty more minutes.

By 5:30 I was beyond livid. I grabbed the car keys and told Keith to get Jaxson. I told him, "We are going to the TM building and I am going to talk to someone face to face!"  There is a large TM (telecom Malaysia) building at the bottom of Melawati, less than a mile from where we live. We had no idea what exactly was housed in that building, but I knew for sure that someone in that building could help me. We pulled in and I explained our situation to the security guard.  She then jotted a number down and told me to call "Bob."  I called Bob, who was very confused as to how I got his phone number so I handed my phone to the security guard. She explained to him that we've been calling all day with no answers.  She told me to wait by our car.  About ten minutes later, Bob came out to talk to me.  I explained our situation. He shook his head and was not pleased.  He made a few phone calls and said to head home.  He also told me that if they did not show up tonight then we needed to call him.

In less than thirty minutes, they called me for exact directions and were ringing our intercom to be let in.  Thank the Lord for Bob!  I texted him a little thank you and he told me to call him if we ever needed anything.  As for the Uni-fi customer SERVICE team, well I have some choice words for them.  I don't know how you can bold face lie to someone over and over.  All they wanted to do was get us off the phone. So, yes, the entire day was spent waiting for the installation.  It is now 8:15 the baby is in bed and tomorrow is a new day.

As for yesterday,  we spent the morning swimming and after Jaxson's nap we headed over to Isabella's house.  Jaxson was very excited to have a new playmate and one with lots of fun new toys.  We started chatting with Jennifer so I forgot to take some pictures.  They really seemed to have fun together.  Not long after we got there, Tom and Carol arrived. They are a lovely couple from the UK who have retired here. Jennifer and Isabella rode with them and we followed close behind.

We were headed to the National Museum to see a Classical Guitar concert. 

Isabella and Jaxson didn't last long so we had to leave at intermission.  Tom and Carol stayed behind, but the rest of us headed to dinner.  We had a very delicious non-halal dinner at Jarrod and Rawlins. It's a deli, British pub type restaurant where you can get shredded pork, bacon... all the good stuff.
We hit a little bit of traffic on the way home, but all in all a very good day.

I forgot to mention we picked up a couple of items at Guardian (like a Wal-greens) the other night.

Which included "Sterile Fabric Plaster" a.k.a. Band-Aids

and itch relief for bug bites. At least I think that's what it is. It has a mosquito pictured with it's stinger circled?!

We cannot find the following items: dyer sheets, rubbing alcohol or swimmer's ear and flavored liquid coffee creamer.  

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  1. God bless Bob! I'm glad things were settled. i'm also glad to see the Godbout-backbone shining through!

    p.s. is that a hint at the bottom of the post? We can get a care package headed your way! :)