Sunday, 22 July 2012

Day 41

I spent the first half of the day trying to write, edit and upload the post from our Tioman Trip

The rest of the afternoon we got ready for our "date." We were very excited to be going to the first real event for all the new employees to meet, but I think we were more excited that we had an amah (nanny) lined up to keep Jaxson for a few hours.  She was suppose to arrive around 3:45pm, but the cab driver could not find our neighborhood because it is not on the navigation systems yet. If you try to put our address in the GARMIN, it is just an empty space because it too new.  I had the security guards talk to the cab driver on my "handphone" and give him exact directions. Around 4:30 the amah came out of or building with a security guard. I was so confused as to how she got into our building already. Apparently, the cab driver dropped her at the wrong entrance and she was escorted to us.  We quickly gave her directions for Jaxson's routine and said goodbye.  Jaxson gave us a cheerful and adamant goodbye almost excited to see us go.  We rode with our New Zealand friends, that also moved into our complex, over to the Renaissance Hotel.  There we met our administration team and all the new hires... all 38 (for elementary, middle and high school) of us! We grabbed some dinner and headed home.  Our amah said Jaxson did great.

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