Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Day 22

If you're behind on what's going on... I just updated our last four days here. We found wi-fi down at the clubhouse, so hopefully I will get back on track with the daily updates.  Click on the days posted above to get caught up. 

What a wonderful night’s sleep!! My hips are finally not aching and I actually slept the entire night without waking Keith up thinking someone is breaking into the condo. 

After a very simple breakfast, because we still had no food this morning because of the electricity issues, I ran over well, walked quickly to the yoga room at the clubhouse.  I was the only one there.  Something wasn’t right. I went to the security guard who tried his best to explain the class was at 9:30.  He turned on the aircon for me and I found the mats rolled up in a cabinet so I set up a spot and waited.  Soon after I got set up a lady with all her gear came in. All she said was, “Your early!”  I completely assumed that she was the instructor and immediately had visions of her instructing me the lone ranger attempting these yoga moves.  I watched her carefully and realized I forgot my water bottle and a towel.  So, I told her I would be right back.  As I was leaving the pool area, I ran into the security guard who said, the teacher is here. I said, “oh yes, thank you I saw her.”  He said it again, but his time pointing out to the parking lot. The only person walking towards us was an bald headed elderly gentleman with sleeveless shirt, glasses and yoga gear; the Mr. Miagi of Yoga! Oh, man did I feel silly.  I told him I would be right back. 

By the time I ran and got my water bottle and a washcloth because that was all I could find, the class had filled up with 9 other students.  Man, I was not prepared for “Tony” and his umpteen years of yoga expertise.  He kicked my butt to say the least.  I have never done yoga like that before, but it worked every muscle in my entire body. 

After yoga, I met the boys right outside at the pool.  I was able to completely relax for the first time in awhile; completely at ease with our move, my new job (at least for now because I don’t know exactly what is in store) and our decision to settle here for the time being.  I headed back to the condo where the electricians were fixing the non-working fridge and oven.  I worked diligently until every piece of luggage was unpacked and our closet nicely organized. 

Which soy sauce shall I choose??

What a good helper!


A clear view from the balcony...

Once the repairs were made, we had two pieces of furniture delivered and then headed out to the Giant to get our groceries. Since, we are starting over from the basics again, it took me awhile to make the list and even longer to navigate through the store trying to find everything we needed.  I never found any hummus and we still can’t find dryer sheets!  Keith asked for measuring cups and he was taken to the margarine/butter aisle.  We got a good laugh at that one. 

Back home, I was very excited to unpack our groceries and get dinner started.  We flipped the oven temp and turned the knob to on.  “Pop!” and off went the oven, fridge and half the lights in the living room.  Oh these must be the electrical issues Desmond was talking about, I thought to myself.  Desmond is our neighbor on the 5th floor and he warned us there would probably be some issues.  He also told us that sometimes during a heavy rain there would be blackouts. I am praying that they come back tomorrow re-wire or do what ever they need to do so that we can cook in our oven.  I owe Keith some homemade cookies with all these Malaysian ingredients! We ended our night with me cooking a different meal on the stove top, putting Jaxson to bed and then setting the baby monitor on our phone so we could go down to the pool for an evening swim as well as taking advantage of the wi-fi.

By the way, I am missing Chattanooga and the people. I am missing even more the fact that tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays and I doubt anyone here will be celebrating the 4th of July.  

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