Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Day 21

Everything is in disorganized chaos around our new place… half packed suitcases lay open in every room. The kitchen counters have accumulated an odd mix of receipts, trash, electronics and random other items.  The bathrooms have nothing but bath mats and trashcans and our bedrooms, pillows and sheets, but we are so happy.  We are not naïve; we know this is just the beginning of the settling in and are well aware that it will probably take months, maybe even a year or two right when my contract is up.  However it is such a nice feeling after months of being disheveled, even at our house back in Chattanooga, that we finally have “our” place to nestle in again. 

Today we woke up and immediately went straight to IKEA because they open at 9:30 am and we wanted to miss the masses. We were so excited about .99 cent breakfast: eggs, bacon and biscuits. Except, that we aren’t in ATLANTA… we’re in Kuala Lumpur and the .99 cent breakfast was something we didn’t recognize or hotdogs and baked beans. So, we decided to forgo the breakfast and grab a couple muffins with our cappuccinos.

After IKEA, we came home, ahhhh… it feels good to say that.  We can home and unloaded the items, mostly kitchen goods, but our favorite purchase was a Sultan mattress pad! It is a little piece of heaven that fits right on top of our rock of a mattress. We are so excited about going to sleep tonight. 

After Jaxson’s nap, we walked over to the clubhouse and played in the “IKEA” playroom.  Unfortunately, the fridge and oven are not working because of a circuit breaker or something, so we had to go out to eat again.  I can’t wait to finally be able to grocery shop and eat in.  After dinner, we went to Carrefour and Jusco again.  We finally made back home at 10 pm. Poor Jaxson was mad at the world for keeping him up so late. Oddly enough there were tons of kids, very young kids, out shopping that late with their families. It just seems to be a late night kind of culture here.  

Wow... these lines seem oddly familiar... like the Wal-mart on Brainerd Road! 

Just watching some Curious George on the iPhone together...

We ended the night with our new bedtime ritual, watching downloaded episodes of Flight of the Conchords.

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