Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Day 23

What seemed to be a great start to the morning was quickly interrupted with a text message from the table lady.  The table lady is someone I found on (like craigslist).  We had arranged to view a rubber wood table and six leather chairs with a purchase price of about $125. This was a steal compared to what I had seen at IKEA and the local shop.  I emailed her saying we definitely wanted it and we were suppose to view last night at 8pm. With all the craziest with the electricity and trying to make dinner, we looked down at the time and it was too late to make it at eight.  Long story short, she told me she sold the table to someone else!! After telling me, it was “completely fine” to come on Thursday. It really bothered me for the first half of the day. How could someone do that?  She never even mentioned that she had other people interested otherwise we would have been more adamant about arranging transportation to get it over here.  Anyway, so that was the start to the day. No dining room table and I can’t find anything else on Mudah. I had just envisioned us all sitting down together at the table to eat dinner or having new friends over for dinner and now I don’t know how long it will be before we find another good deal.

I tried very hard to let it go and whipped up some banana pancakes for breakfast.   I also made some tuna salad to be refrigerated for lunch before we headed to the pool.  It’s great that the pool offers two wi-fi hot spots so I was able to sit and update the blog until my battery started dying… then I had to finish the blog while hunched over the clubhouse bathroom sink; the only place I could find a plug. 

While catching up the blog, Keith and Jaxson headed back.  Jaxson napped and Keith dealt with the electricians.  They were able to fix the hot water tank in the master bath, it was a heating element defect.  However, they said that we needed to contact Electrolux about the “defective” oven.

Funny thing is, we pulled it out, plugged it into a different outlet and ta-dah…. it’s not the oven!  So, we called them back to see it is indeed an electrical issue.

Not the best way to be using an oven, but I promised Keith some homemade cookies!

Not bad for having no recipe and having different ingredients than I'm use to.  The security guards seemed excited to get cookies!

We ventured downtown to find the one and only place in the entire city you can go to set up your Internet. If you are a foreigner, you literally have to go there in person with your passport and it takes about an hour to complete the process. We will have Internet on Monday!!

We also used the GARMIN successfully and are so excited that we don’t have to fight about getting places anymore. It also makes my ride as a passanger a lot less stressful without having to stare at maps on the iPhone and pray I tell Keith the right way to go.  GARMIN is a God send and even showed a picture of the highway ramps (remember I told you how crazy they are here) depicting exactly which lane you need to be in. 

On clear days, it is such a beautiful drive around the city.

We came back and used the oven again to make some dinner.  Nothing too exciting, but the salad I made was so good because of the lettuces you get here.  So tasty!  I also love this little contraption we found at IKEA… like a strainer that fits right inside the sink. It is great for rinsing produce.  We enjoyed some of Max’s homebrew, Dawn of the Red along with our mini chicken potpies. 

Of course we ended the day with our new routine… Keith did manage to find a “Fourth of July” station on Songza. So we listened to Grand O’ Flag while we swam!

We also met some little friends along the way.  The kitty is preggers and followed us all the way to our unit... so I fed her.  Keith is not excited about that, but she needs to feed her babies!

Happy 236th Birthday America!

We are so sad we are not at the Bare Necessities cabin with Keith’s Family! 

~Until tomorrow~ 

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