Thursday, 5 July 2012

Day 24

So, it only took me about 24 days of no driving and almost 3 weeks of having a car to test my “opposite sides” driving skills! Okay, so I didn’t go far, but baby steps.  Jaxson and Keith were holding down the fort… a.k.a. Jaxson was napping and yes Keith was dealing with the electricians again!  I really needed to switch out a laptop plug at my school so I told Keith I was going to try driving by myself.  I got so nervous before I even got to the car… but there was also a bit of exhilaration in there.  I think it is healthy to challenge yourself with a whole new experience from time to time. I think it’s even better to have to “retrain” your brain on something that you’ve always taken for granted. 

I hopped in the car (on what use to be my passenger side) and immediately put on my seat belt. At least I got that part right, but there isn’t much difference there.  Car started, check… adjusted mirrors, check… car in drive… oh wait not with my right hand with my LEFT hand.  LEFT, LEFT, LEFT… just keep telling yourself LEFT.  So, I made it all the way out of the security checkpoint, around the curve and down the hill. This is a piece of cake I thought… just don’t over think it.  Then I saw other cars… oh crap!  And scooters and a traffic light… on the left, on the left…

Five minutes later, I was at my school. I drove a whopping 2.8 km or 1.7 miles all by myself!  I switched out my cord, checked out some professional literature in the professional development section of the library and I even stumbled upon a Beverly Tyner book! Did you hear that Clifton Hills?? Half way across the world, Tyner is still there.  I really couldn’t believe it, but thought that was pretty neat that we’ve had some great training sessions with her. 

Anyway, I felt so confidant about my short drive I decided to go ahead and drive to the grocery store to pick up a couple of items. 

Success, I made there with no accidents only minor heart palpitations and a few anxiety attacks, but I made it. 

Shopping by myself was also a relaxing experience for me. For the last three weeks I have had to endure shopping with an almost 20 month old who doesn’t have any patience for stores and seems to always be teething.  So, in a store where I don’t understand what anyone is saying, it takes twice as long to figure out exactly what I need and where to find without a screaming toddler was so refreshing! I know I sound crazy right?! 

Just waiting for the lift from the parking garage like a local...

I also found a fabric store! 

I am still trying to nonchalantly take pictures without looking like a freak of nature.  Here is the best I could do… I still have a really hard time in the meat department.  I know it’s probably better than anything we get prepackaged in the states, but the odor and the way people dig through it unsettles my stomach. 

I was suppose to buy more chicken, but I just couldn’t do it yet… baby steps!

I got everything else on my little list, checked out and made it back home in one piece!!

I am a little embarrassed to admit that we went to IKEA again!  I needed a few more hangers and today was the start of a huge end of season sale. Lucky us! 

Things are coming together….

Well, at least Jaxson's room is. 

I am not a big fan of plaid, but options are limited here and it does look like a big boy's room... even though he still sleeps in his pack and play.

Again, GARMIN got us there and back flawlessly and we even got a new pet for Jaxson… we debated on calling her “Mollie” or “Jemma”, but we settled on “Puppy.”  He LOVES her!

I made some beef fajitas for dinner, put Jaxson to bed and finished organizing the kitchen and closet!  It feels great to be settling in. 

By the way… these fajitas are delicious and SO easy… 15 minute dinner tops. (5 minute prep time and 10 minute cook time) I think it is out of the Best Life Diet cookbook.  You can find the recipe <HERE>.


  1. So cute!! I'm trying to imagine living the adventure with you!!! Love and hugs to you all!!!

  2. Awe... I love reading your post! We think about you daily. Those were such bright unique fabrics. I can't wait to see what you make.

  3. Bless your heart, you can't get away from Tyner! You will be their expert!

  4. Kudos on the driving! Knew you had it in you! Miss you, but love following your days. We need to talk again soon.