Friday, 6 July 2012

Day 25

I know this might be a bit early to post this, but we plan on getting up at six a.m. tomorrow morning... key word being "plan!"  We want to head to the local market and get some fresh fish, preferably red snapper.  So, we have to get up early to have the first pick of the day.  After that, we are hoping to go on a hike. We originally thought we were hiking to a waterfall, but with the downpour that happened this afternoon we have to move our location. Therefore, I need to go ahead and post for today.

We took our time waking up this morning and enjoyed breakfast at our "new" dining room table.  It really belongs on the patio, but who really cares at this point. At least we have a place to sit.  Jaxson watched downloaded cartoons on the "couch."  

Anway,  we headed down to KL Lake Gardens. I had big plans for us there... butterfly garden, hibiscus and orchid garden and the deer park.  

But first, we had to have our little picnic I packed.  Homemade tuna and egg salad sandwhiches, fresh grapefruit and granola bars.  We took a stroll along the lake and made our way over to the deer park. When we entered, there was a group of young kids on a field trip. They all waved in unison at Jaxson saying hello every time Jaxson said "hey."   

They were prepared and brought a container full of sliced bread to feed the deer.  We really wanted to visit the other little parks within Lake Gardens, but it was ridiculously hot.  We need to plan on coming back early in the day. 

We hit some traffic on the way back because it was Friday afternoon... right in the middle of prayer time for the Muslims.  The traffic was primarily because of all the parked cars and scooters everywhere that it forced traffic heading in both directions to share a lane.  

After the incredible thunderstorm we had yesterday evening, the sky was absolutely beautiful today.  I know I've said this, but I just love driving in the city and seeing the surround cliffs.  

On the way home, you could see the storm headed our way...

Dinner time!

~Until Tomorrow~  

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