Friday, 13 July 2012

Day 32

I posted Day 31 before the day was actually over... it was such a great day and it ended in a great way. Three of my favorite things happened... While perfecting the "Godbout Goodness" cookie recipe, I got to chat with our favorite people Casey and Eric. After, I think finally nailing down some of the best cookies I've ever made. Recipe coming soon! Keith agreed to watch my favorite show with me... SYTYCD... on our new comfy couch.  I really think this is the best season yet! We ended up going to bed around 1 am on Day 32.

Waking up at 7:30 was not fun because I had stayed up so late. However, I got up with Jaxson to try to let Keith sleep a little bit.  Didn't work... Jaxson loves waking the whole house up.

After our morning coffee and breakfast we packed up and headed over to the Setiawangsa LRT station (light rail transit).  After thirty minutes of circling three different parking lots, we finally found a spot and paid 3 RM.

Once parked, we headed up to the LRT and rode it into the city 9 stops to Pasar Seni.

I love that they have their priorities right... 

We also love that there is a stop called, "Dang Wangi." However, I doubt we are pronouncing it right!

A very large Mosque downtown...

A not so clean river, but the graffiti was actually beautiful artwork.

A very short walk from the station and we made it...

Within the market there were a lot of small shops, stalls and "streets" that specifically represented certain countries.

We stopped for lunch. Here it is common to fill out a sheet with a letter and number code for what you want.  That probably makes for less confusion when ordering.

It looks delicious, however, we will not be going back here again.  It is a bit touristy and a local chain.  The food was okay, but we paid over 40 RM. So, we would rather go get authentic stall food for half that price if we are going to eat out.

I loved peeking in all the little shops, most of which we did not enter. Can you imagine destruction that would occur in .5 seconds if we wheeled Jaxson in there?!

An aerial view...

The "Cute Fish Spa"... 

We left Central Market and headed a short distance to "Chinatown" also known as Jalan Petaling Street.

It was absolutely crazy to me that cars, taxis and trucks full of tanks of gasoline drive right in the middle of all that chaos!

I found a fun store with lots of beads and jewelry making equipment. 

Somehow Jaxson manages to nap in all the hustle and bustle. 

We went back home for dinner and evening swim.  We had arranged to meet Tom and Carol for a parish gathering in the Taman TAR area. Leaving an hour early, we arrived at the meeting spot way too early because there wasn't any traffic?! It's funny how when we are running late we can sit for up to an hour waiting. I knew of this little place I had seen after the hike last week, so I took the boys there...

After the monkey (and hog?!) experience, we headed back to our meeting place. We followed Tom over to the house. We met lots of great people there, experienced new homemade local foods and Keith even played everybody a worship song.  He also got a couple business cards for work opportunities.

I loved standing back and watching all the people interact with one another. It was beautiful to see all different skin colors with very different backgrounds coming together to just connect with one another. At the end of the day, people all over the world are very much the same.  We need to be connected with one another, we need adventure and love.

~Until Tomorrow~

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