Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Day 30

Today marks our 1 month anniversary of officially beginning this journey. One month ago today, we said our good-byes in Atlanta and started our two day trek here.  It also marks the ten day count down until I report for my first day of Orientation and tomorrow Jaxson is officially 20 months old.  I can't believe in four short months he will be 2!

Anyway, this week, unfortunately has been the week of waiting around for things to get done!  We've waited for the internet, the blind, the aircon, the couch... AND the waiting isn't over. The Malaysians are experts at putting things off, but they do it with a smile on their face so who could be upset?!  Only when you're dealing with Unifi customer service over the phone does Keith get very upset.

I got to "hangout" with my besties from Lee on google. If you haven't tried google hangout, you need to. It was so fun! While chatting with them, Jennifer and Isabella showed up to go swimming. So, we headed down for our pool date.  Jaxson loved watching Isabella dive under the water and swim like a fish.  She's only six months older and is an excellent swimmer. I see swimming lessons in Jaxson's future.

During our swim a very large rainstorm quickly made it's way on top of us. So, we waited it out in the playroom and made a huge mess!

Not sure if you can see the downpour occurring?!

When it let up a bit, we ran back to the condo and said our goodbyes to our new friends.
With all the rain and no car (in the shop), we didn't have much choice but to wait. The guys came to fix the aircon unit... yes, guys plural. Four men came for one man to get on top of the ladder and the other four watched him. We learned that the part that rotates the fan burnt out, so they will be back next week. Again more waiting.  The couch was delayed another day... more waiting.

But the highlight of our day came when the Unifi technicians arrived. They were here for about three hours and worked diligently to get our internet running for the speed that we are paying for.  Just when we thought it was working, they would pack up to leave and it would quit. They finally tried a new router and new location for the set up and viola'... success!  In the meantime, we got to chat with them. We learned one of them was in a band M.I.A. Music is Art. (Go "like" their page on facebook!) All of his songs are in Malay, but he promised Jaxson a song in English in the future. Maybe Keith will be jammin' with them one day.

They were awesome and saved the day! 
Thank you Unifi technicians whose names will remain anonymous. 

Yes, guys it is still running fast! Thank you, thank you!

On the dinner menu, Chicken Fajitas. We sure do love fajitas...

~Until Tomorrow~

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