Thursday, 12 July 2012

Day 31

I have been feeling lately that the blog posts were getting a little mundane with all that waiting around.   Today was such a great day. In fact, it was my favorite day since we have been here and I couldn't wait to tell you all about.  By the way, Happy 20 months to Mr. Jaxson!

The day started when I got to chat with two of my favorite people.  One of those people was my baby brother who is not such a baby anymore... only six months until his wedding when he will wed a perfect match for him.  I love her!  And I finally got to chat with my very busy entrepreneurial friend, Jennifer.  She and another friend of ours went into a business venture together to open a pie place in Chattanooga. Go <here> and "like" their page! If you are in Chattanooga, go eat some pie. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Okay, so onto the rest of our fun filled day!  We have been trying to swim mid morning right before lunch/nap time for Jaxson. I think I already mentioned this, but he is doing really well in the water. He loves to kick and is trying to start blowing bubbles in the water.  It is also a very relaxing time for us!

The couch actually arrived today... only four days late, but it made it and it is perfect.  It was neat to see it finished and sitting right where I had envisioned it. I got to pick the shape and fabric for both the couch and accent pillows, which I think will look good with our old curtains when they arrive. Who knows when that will be?

Keith made me one of the best sandwiches I've ever had.  Instead of a B.L.T (because bacon is hard to come by and very expensive in a Muslim country) he made a E.L.T. So tasty!

After lunch, I went to do some girly things while the boys took care of some manly things... mainly going to meet the mechanic and do "car talk."  Keith said it literally reminded him of Car Talk which meant Mr. Yew was having him make the sounds that the car was making. Wish I had that on Camera.  Anyway, of course Jaxson made a new friend.

Here's what Jaxson and Daddy do while Mommy is away...

Meanwhile, Jennifer picked me up and we met Monica (will be teaching Grade 1 as well) at her pedicure place.  It was so cute and cozy!

Then she showed me around the area a little bit. We headed over to Ampang Point where she shared with me the best experience I've had here thus far. We walked through what looked like a fabric store and through another door into foot heaven.  They massaged my feet for an hour. It was an odd mix of pain and pleasure... but so worth it.  

Okay, funny story about that guy... he was dead asleep and snoring in his bathing suit... jeans and belt took up the whole chair to his right.  Apparently he comes prepared. 

Jennifer dropped me back off. I told Keith about the places I had seen today and decided to not only tell him but show him. We headed back down to Ampang Grocer, which is where you can find a lot of Expat favorites! 
A little pricey, but very worth it!  

While shopping Keith met a guy who works for Chevron and shared some job opportunities with him. So, we'll see where that goes. 

It is so sad that Fork & Pie Bar is so far away. If we want pie this is what we would have to buy and it's 46 RM!!!

After picking up a few things we walked over to get some dinner.

We ate at the "Little Thai" food stall and only paid 22 RM for our meal and a few more RM for our drinks.

It was very tasty, full of flavorful spices that made your nose sweat, but we will definitely go back for more! 

Such a big boy!

Please listen to the background dinner music. Yes, you are right... Celine Deon's greatest hits!

We finished our dinner with a coconut. 

 Step 1... pop the top.

Step 2... insert the straw.

 Step 3... enjoy. (or don't in our case, not a fan of the coconut)

~Until Tomorrow~ 

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  1. NO BACON?! That's it. Move back now. This was obviously not a good decision. I'll find a room at the Hills for you. :)