Sunday, 15 July 2012

Day 33 & Day 34

This weekend was all about food and new friends.  We woke up yesterday to a message from our landlord.  She asked if we were home because she needed to drop something off.  We just assumed it was paperwork of some kind.  We were completely surprised to find her waiting downstairs with a house warming gift.  It is a beautiful hand carved serving bowl from Sarawak, where they reside. This was certainly a huge gesture that solidified our decision on choosing this particular unit.

We live at point A and our sweet landlords live at point B. It is still Malaysia, but is considered "East Malyasia." One day we will take them up on their offer to come visit.

It is simplistically beautiful.

This side shows the "Dot Dragon."  The Dot is the Dragon's eye.

And this is the "Bird" side. The holes are the eyes.  

That night, we headed into KLCC to meet some of the "newbies" and a couple "twobies" for dinner.  We took the E12 all the way into the city and got off a the KLCC exit that takes you through a long tunnel and right under the towers to the parking garage.

Unfortunately, we never made any kind of reservations and there were not many restaurants available for a party of 18?! So, we took over a section of the food court and slowly commandeered tables until we had enough for all of us. 

Here, Jaxson is having rice picked off of his feet...

 I was thrilled to meet so many fun and friendly faces from all over the world; a family from Croatia, Australia, teachers who just came from Canada, China and a family moving into 20 Trees (where we live) from New Zealand!  I can't wait to work with all these exciting people each with their own unique story.

We were headed out, but Hagen Dais caught our eye, so we sidetracked...

How could your resist this banana split?

We told Tom and Carol we would attend church with them on Sunday. Holding ourselves to experiencing new things... we headed downtown to a primarily Chinese Methodist Church. Neither of us have ever attended a Methodist church before or at least that we could recall.  It was very different than what we are used to, but we really did enjoy it.   

The only part that will not work for us is the tiny glass holding room at the back of the sanctuary for the toddlers. So, with no where for Jaxson to go because he's too young, Keith and I would ever be able to sit in church together.  

He did have fun though and luckily the glass room was sound proof because he managed to find the loudest toy in the room.

After the service, we headed over to Tokyo Street and found a little Japanese cafe. 

They made this especially for Keith. 

I could barely wait for dinner.  We met Tom and Carol there. Shortly after we got a table, Karen and Robert showed up as well.  I loved the six of us together. It is refreshing to meet new friends of varying age groups.  Tom and Carol remind us of a British version of Gramma and Grampie.  Karen and Robert are our parent's age, but all six of us really enjoyed ourselves and talked for almost three hours.

This is probably the BEST steak place in town.  Steak Hut, is found in another outdoor stall food building called, Suzy's Corner.

Your meal begins with a very large dinner roll. 

Once Jaxson woke up he enjoyed the food and company too. 

Shortly after the roll, a perfectly cut piece of tenderloin comes out still sizzling. It is probably the best steak we've ever had AND the best part is the price.  All three of us ate for 62 RM! It was about $20 USD for what was basically to filet mignon. If you come visit us, we promise to take you here our treat! Just don't mind the furry friends with long tails that may or may not be scurrying above your head. It's all part of the ambiance!

~Until Tomorrow~ 

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