Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Day 29

I am sad to say that I misinformed my readers last week when I said that I went to one of the hardest Yoga classes of my life.  Today was the hardest class and it isn't Yoga, it's actually Pilates.  Shows how little I know about the two, but in either case another fantastic body blast from Mr. Tony.  It is unfortunate that I can't keep going once school starts, but he only teaches in the mornings. Next week I have to go Monday and Tuesday because I paid for four classes. I doubt I'll be able to move for the Tuesday class.  

After our pre-nap (Jaxson's nap) swim, we headed to a little place that caught my eye. It didn't take me long to spot some FroYo!  

After frozen yogurt, we headed to the "giant" Giant also called a Hypermart.  It is different than the Giant that is down the street from us. That one is also large, but is primarily groceries once you are inside.  This one reminded us of Carrefour. It was like a super Target with groceries and lots of other random items you might need.

I thought this was funny...

 Today was the most beautiful day since we have been here! 

Sandals anyone?

These were only 1 RM 50... about .50 cents. They are tiny Mango puddings. 
I thought they were so cute. 

We came home, unloaded groceries and I crashed.  It was time for Mommy's nap. When I woke up, Keith already had pizza cooking so I whipped up a salad.  After dinner we decided to go down the hill to Melawati Square. It is a VERY local scene, but offers a lot of little local shops; Dry cleaners, electronic shops, hair salons, probably hundreds of little stores. I found an art store that just opened. They have acrylic paints, canvases and brushes. So, hopefully I'll be painting in the future! 

Everywhere you go there are stray dogs and cats. It is heartbreaking!  Each box had one mama cat and only one baby.  They were so sweet I can't help but want to take all of them home.

Again, such a beautiful day! 

And yes, even a 7 Eleven. Mom I'll take you to get a hotdog when you get here. 

I was really excited to see this 99 shop.  We assumed that it was like a Dollar Tree.  

It wasn't! It had the same stuff as the Dollar Tree but a little pricey for what they were offering. 

I will go back and get some of these sets of tangrams for my classroom though. They were only 1.99RM, less than a $1 USD.

We headed back home again and Jaxson actually got a bath in the big bathtub instead of the little plastic tub from IKEA.  He seemed to enjoy it.  Notice the newly installed blind so we also were able to take a hot shower with great water pressure today!

I am taking meticulous notes on my cookie recipes. This is batch number 3 and Keith said it is the best batch yet.  The taste was delicious how ever I'm working on the consistency.  I think it might be the ingredients here.  I have to use molasses sugar instead of brown sugar and the white sugar looks like sugar in the raw with large granules. I love experimenting and of course Keith isn't complaining. I also think the security guards light up when they see the "cookie" family.

I forgot to mention that they did indeed fix the oven so that it can sit in it's home! 

I also felt the need to share my favorite part of the kitchen... the ice maker! It is so simple, but makes life easier.  You take that shelf of trays out... fill it up and when it's ready, dump it.  I love it!

Jennifer and Isabella are coming swimming with Jaxson and I tomorrow. Keith has big plans to take the car to the mechanic and take his first taxi since we moved here.  

~Until tomorrow~ 

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